intel Embedded DisplayPort kabel,eDP cable,custom cable,aces 88441

intel Embedded DisplayPort kabel,eDP cable,custom cable,aces 88441

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Product Description

 intel System-Validation Methodology for Embedded DisplayPort kabel,

eDP cable,custom cable

Embedded DisplayPort* (eDP) is one of the latest digital video standards. This
paper describes an innovative idea for eDP System Marginality Validation (SMV).
This solution defines an automatic test setup, including both hardware and

eDP*-to-DisplayPort* Cable
A specially designed eDP-to-DisplayPort cable is needed (see Figure 7)
because of the physical incompatibility of the eDP Tx and DisplayPort Rx
connectors. Since the eDP and DisplayPort standards are very similar, only a
passive cable is needed, no level shifting.ACES 88441,
The DisplayPort connector has 20 pins, which include four differential lanes of
the main link, a differential auxiliary channel (AUX) for slow speed control,
Hot-Plug Detect signal (HPD), ground pins, CONFIG control pins, and two
power pins. The eDP connector has those and additional optional pins, like
I-PEX cable brightness control, backlight and ambient light sensing. The eDP standard
allows various connectors with 44/40/30/20 pins. However, this paper
demonstrates only the 44-pin connector, since the others follow similar 20525-030E
principles. Another reason for showing the 44-pin connector is LCEDI cable that it used on
Intel’s Customer Reference Boards (CRB).

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